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I just received my package today and I couldnt wait to use the products. They smell AMAZING. The glow oil absorbed into my face quickly and didn't leave it feeling oily. The butter balm stick I put straight to my lips, then my chest, so soft and moisturized. Now I'm convinced I need to get the jar.

Timeisha W.

Your oil is moisturizing my skin to the perfect degree. No oily residue and I can feel the hydration! Been using consistently for the past 3 days and my chin is no longer breaking out with white heads.

Vanessa G.

Huuuge shoutout to @alexia__jade for fixing my dry skin problems; season changes are no joke. Please check out and support this beauty, she has DONE IT for herself. I can personally attest to her hard work ethic and innovation, so I'm not surprised she's following her dreams. @thebeautypotllc is beautiful

Kyra M.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I've been really loving the healthy glow oil. I plan on doing a skin care routine video for my YouTube and I'll be giving it a shoutout.

Mekdes A.

Fellas get your face oil! You can also use it in your beards. It won't leave you looking super oily.

Trent C.

The packaging is so cute!! me & my man have been using it every day... love it... you did that girl

Sharon B.

I love the oil! Keeps my skin clear and moisturized. I can also apply it in my beard and I've seen my beard fill in. The body butter I use it all purpose, on my face and also as chapstick. Keeps my skin smooth and my pores aren't clogged like most other products leave them. I love that the products are all organic and give your skin the necessary vitamins.

Calvin T.

A Big Pot of all Things Beauty


It has always been my dream to be involved in everything beauty related; that's how I came up with the name for my business. My first passion as a little girl was doing the neighborhood girl's hair & nails. Then I found out about makeup and became obsessed with all the colors and sparkles I could put on my eyes. When it came to the skincare side of owning my own business, I was inspired by my own desire to have products that were more natural. So, I decided to make products that I always wanted to have that could also cater to other men and women who wanted the same as well. I want my brand to be a reflection of me and my style, even some things that express the style of others. Finally, I am able to pursue my dream and share it with all the people I love and all of you who want to support me. Thank you!


Please feel free to message me if you have any special requests. I really want to keep my goal of catering to the individual needs of my customers. If you have questions about my services, products, delivery, or shipping, please get in touch!


I will continue to add more products that have a variety of essential ingredients for every skin type and tone.  I have so many ideas and I am all about catering to my audience. Feel free to comment what you'd like to see, it just may be what's next in line.